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Bee swarm. BBC Radio Kent Pat Marsh Interview

At Petham Vale we not only produce great honey but we try to help preserve bees and remove them from places not best suited for bees and humans (such as an event in the middle of Canterbury city - see photo below). I am registered with the Kent and Canterbury local council and can assist anyone who has a problem with bees, honey bees or in certain cases wasps.

We specialise in Kent with difficult locations, period properties, chimneys and public, domestic and commercial properties and can also advise on how to stop future invasions of bee swarms becoming a problem.

Our Services Include:

Kent Bee Swarm Canterbury CathedralFree Advice

You can call me at any of the numbers listed in the contacts page or via email or skype at no obligation or cost. If we remove a viable swarm then we only charge a minimum amount to cover transport and storage. If you are interested in keeping bees then we sometimes have a colony for sale, also the British Bee Keeping Association is a very useful source of information for those starting up. If you are in Kent then the local link has useful information.

Swarm Removal

We will professionally bring all necessary equipment to humanely remove a swarm and freely re-house in a proper managed hive.

Meshing & Prevention

Typically old buildings with unused chimneys can provide an annual migration and home for bee colonies and swarms. Taking certain measures now to prevent incursion but maintain ventilation etc can stop annual recurring problems. This is particularly true of public and private buildings with older ventilated cavity brick structures.

Bee comb built in old chimney pot - WhitstableBees in Old Chimney - Wingham-removal

Bumble bee nest in shed wall - Chartham
Bumble Be

Many people do often mistake the usually underground dwelling bumble bees with the smaller honey bees. Often they will locate in patios and  flower beds causing understandable distress. Although generally harmless unless provoked we can, equipped with the right protective clothing, remove the source of the nest. 2018 update - Due to our increasingly wetter milder winters we are now seeing bumble bees in higher locations normally reserved for honey bees and wasps.

Hospitals, Schools, Public Buildings

Summer can be a difficult time for striking the balance between major disruption and public safety when it comes to bee problems. We have had experience and can come in at un-social hours or with sympathy to the activities being undertaken. Can gladly provide references of recent jobs successfully completed in the NHS and other sectors.

Pollination Service - Orchards & crops

Over 40% of our agricultural crop in the UK is pollinated by bees or similar species. Many farm crops can benefit from having hives placed near to the crop site. Contact us for further details.