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About Us and Our Bees

Simon Reed - Petham Vale Kent Honey - BBC Radio Kent - Pat Marsh interview - Bees

Petham Vale Honey was started in 2006 by Simon Reed. This is a small scale local enterprise and produces enough Honey from the hives to supply certain farmshops and regular customers. The honey is only roughly filtered and not heat treated allowing all of the pollen and natural ingredients to remain in the honey.

Flavours vary depending upon the time of year and crop and flower varieties but in general we produce a light runny or mid-set honey rich in clover with a wonderful light aromatic honey fragrance.

The bees have a large garden and field to forage in and also take advantage of the extensive amount of  sweet chestnut woodland surrounding us. At present bee numbers are declining so I also take an active part in helping to re-house swarms, treat and experiment with a variety of natural products and provide a stress free sheltered environment for them to thrive in.

Simon Reed , an Englishman was born in Nottingham, raised in Manchester and then spent 30 years working and travelling abroad in science & technology. He has had a house in rural Petham, Kent for over 19 years and keeps his hives on his own field and at a nearby ancient apple orchard.

Tel: +44 (0) 1227 700757
Mob: +44 (0) 7768 364353
Skype me: simonreed604