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Our Kent bees are the world’s hardest working travellers. To collect your jar of honey our bees have had to travel over 55,000 miles in total. That’s nearly twice round the earth! And it took them 1 year in preparation and creation.


Low carbon footprint! Bees individually only travel about 3 miles from home. All our honey therefore comes from within a 10 mile radius of  us in East kent. Which means some of the flowers in your own garden may have helped make this honey for sale – so even though our bees didn’t ask permission thank you now!


Best before 6010! Honey is the only truly long lasting food. Edible honey has been found in Egyptian tombs 4000 years old and people have been harvesting the benefits of honey and beeswax for over 7000 years. But please enjoy our honey now! As its natural it may change its character a little over time but the taste will always be delicious.


Natures little helper? One advantage of eating locally produced honey that has not been heat treated or filtered (unlike most commercial supermarket honey) is that it still retains small quantities of pollen and all the other “magic” ingredients. Much research has indicated that a small amount eaten regularly can build up your local resistance to hay fever and other allergic reactions – We cannot claim this of course!

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